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Public Service Awards
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City Service Awards Program

Are you interested in honoring city employees or elected officials who have faithfully served your community? Since 1926, the League of Kansas Municipalities (League) has promoted a city service awards program to recognize devoted public servants at a number of tenure levels.

The program includes the purchase of a gift for the employee or elected official from the enclosed catalog, a listing in the Service Awards program which is presented at the annual League conference, and an individualized certificate printed on parchment paper for each recipient.

Those employees or elected officials receiving awards for 40-years, 45-years, or 50-years of service will be honored at the Public Service Awards Lunch during the annual conference and presented with their framed certificates. Each 40-year & up recipient will be listed in the program along with a photo and short biography.

If a city does not wish to purchase a gift from the League catalog, they may choose to simply list their employee or elected official in the awards program. In this case, the recipient will still receive an individualized certificate from the League. All awards will be mailed to your city in July. Certificates will be mailed after the conference.

Participating in the Program

To participate in the League service awards program, you may order online at the League Service Award Program no later than Wednesday June 13, 2018. Forms received after this date will be assessed a $20 late fee. 

Who is Eligible?

The League service award program is open to all League member cities and provides awards for the following years of city service:   

• 8 years*   • 15 years    • 25 years     • 35 years

• 10 years   • 20 years    • 30 years     • 40 years & Up

City employees and elected officials are eligible for the program if they have completed the appropriate number of continuous service years prior to September 1, 2018.

*Only elected officials are eligible for recognition at the 8-year level. This level of recognition is a listing in the awards booklet only and does not have a corresponding gift package.

Distribution of Awards

All service awards will be mailed directly to your city in July. Service awards will be sent directly from Transcend Engagement, and award certificates will be sent directly from the League. 

Participating in the Program (Administered by designated city personnel only, i.e. clerk, HR, etc)

Step 1: Download this Recipient Template. 

Populate the fields for those employees and/or elected officials eligible to order a Service Award this year.  Do not enter an "Employee Number."  Please return the MS Excel file to the League, by May, 30th, 2018.

Step 2: Once the recipient list is received, you will receive an e-mail that you can begin ordering Service Awards on behalf of your recipients.  This e-mail will contain your unique User ID and Password for ordering awards. Begin Ordering. Orders must be completed by June 13, 2018.

If you are ordering certificates only please populate columns C, D, E, F, G and R on the recipient template. Return the template prior to August 1 to If the template is returned after August 1, your employee names may not be listed in the Service Awards Book.

View the award catalogs:

Full Gift Catalog

10-year Award Catalog        30-Year Award Catalog

15-year Award Catalog        35-Year Award Catalog

20-Year Award Catalog        40-Year (& Up) Award Catalog

25-Year Award Catalog

Full Gift Catalog without Pricing

10-year Award Catalog w/o pricing     30-Year Award Catalog w/o pricing

15-year Award Catalog w/o pricing     35-Year Award Catalog w/o pricing

20-Year Award Catalog w/o pricing     40-Year (& Up) Award Catalog w/o pricing

25-Year Award Catalog w/o pricing

40-Years & Up Service Award Recipients

Those employees or elected officials receiving awards for 40-years & up (45 and 50 years) of service will be presented with their framed certificates at the Public Service Awards Luncheon during the annual conference. We would like to honor each 40-year & up recipient by listing their photo and short biography in the luncheon program. Please direct each recipient to complete the  40-Year & Up Service Award Submission by August 1, 2018


For more information, contact the League at (785) 354-9565. 



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