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Municipal Research & Surveys

The League's research program serves a multitude of purposes. First and foremost is to provide cities with analysis of data and information relevant towards cities' operations and the insight that allows cities' to shift their practices, if needed, to meet best practices. The second reason to to support the League's legislative advocacy work. 

Municipal Surveys & Data

On a periodical basis, the League will distribute surveys to our members, collect and analyze the data, and present the information to our members in publications and in-person presentations. 

Tax Rate & Fiscal Data Book: Every March, the League publishes its annual tax rate and fiscal data book that examines the local tax landscape for Kansas cities. It is published in the Kansas Government Journal and available at our online store. Data for the book includes, but is not limited to: assessed valuation, bonds, temporary notes, no-fund warrants and mills levied by each taxing subdivision. 

Salary Survey: The Salary Survey is performed every two years and is sent to cities across Kansas to solicit information on current rates of compensation and wages for staff and elected officials and employee benefits. The Salary Survey is free of charge to anyone who participates in the survey and an online version can be purchased for cities who did not participate. You can take a look at the 2016 Salary, Benefits, and Personnel Practices survey and an analysis of its data here. The League is in the process of collecting data for the 2018 survey.

Revenue Survey: The Municipal Revenue Survey is performed every two years to solicit information on revenue practices and sources for cities across Kansas. The survey looks for information with regard to generated revenue, tax rates, rates on franchise fees, and non-taxed revenue sources, among other items of interest. The Revenue Survey is free of charge to anyone who participates in the survey and an online version can be purchased for cities who did not participate. The most recent revenue survey contains 2017 data.

Apart from these two surveys, the League periodically collects data available for your review as legislation dictates or as our members request. For more information on data collected periodically by the League, you can find some materials in our Research Library or contact Chardae Caine

Legislative Research

The League's legislative advocacy team conducts research related to the fiscal impacts of bills and offers research and analysis on pending and passed legislation. Much of the research and analysis of fiscal impacts and need-to-know data can be viewed through the collection of state and federal sources. The League collects data from those sources and provides it to you here as appropriate. 

State Government Resources

Links to data and resources of interest to Kansas cities:



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