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League Policy Process

Since our founding in 1910, advocating on behalf of the cities in Kansas has been a core function of the League of Kansas Municipalities (League). Our positions on key issues are guided by the Statement of Municipal Policy (SMP) which is amended and adopted annually by the Convention of Voting Delegates. Decisions about positions on specific pieces of legislation are made by the League Governing Body.

Participation by member cities is critical to our ultimate success as an advocate for municipal interests. All city officials from League member cities are invited to participate on a policy committee. All member cities may designate voting delegates to participate in the Convention of Voting Delegates. All city officials are asked to contact legislators about key issues that are important to your community.

Steps in the League's policy process include: 

  • Policy Committees. Each year in August, the League’s Policy Committees meet to review the SMP. There are three committees that are focused in specific areas: Finance & Taxation, Public Officers & Employees, and Utilities & Environment. Following the meetings of each of those committees, the Legislative Policy Committee reviews the recommendations of the three specific committees and the remainder of the SMP. The amended SMP is approved by the League’s Legislative Policy Committee and forwarded to the Governing Body for consideration. To participate on a Policy Committee, click below to register. 

Dates for Policy Meetings will be in August 2019

Public Officers & Employees, Aug 20

Utilities & Environment, Aug 22

Finance & Taxation, Aug 27

Legislative Policy, Aug 29

Submit Policy Ideas for the 2020 SMP

  • League Governing Body. At its meeting in September, the Governing Body considers the amended SMP and makes additional changes if necessary. 
  • Joint Policy Committee Meeting. On the first day of the League's Annual Conference, all four policy committees come together to review the amended SMP. All city officials are invited to participate in the meeting. Following discussion and any amendments, the SMP is then sent back to the League's governing body. 
  • League Governing Body. During the Governing Body's meeting at the League's Annual Conference, the Governing Body considers the SMP a final time and provides an opportunity for individuals to discuss specific issues with the Governing Body. The SMP is then submitted to the Convention of Voting Delegates for consideration. 
  • Convention of Voting Delegates. All League member cities are entitled to having voting delegates participate in the Convention of Voting Delegates. The Convention is held during the League's annual conference. Pursuant to the rules adopted by the convention, no new matters relating to the official policy of the League, not submitted to the Governing Body or already contained in the proposed SMP, can be considered without a 2/3 vote of those delegates voting. City officials can seek changes in the SMP at any step in the process until it is adopted by the Convention.
  • Regional Suppers. Following the adoption of the SMP, the League hosts a series of regional suppers around the state. All city officials, state and federal legislators are invited to participate in these dinners to discuss the upcoming session the priorities identified by city officials. 
  • League News. The League publishes a weekly (and sometimes bi-weekly when not in session) electronic newsletter to keep city officials up-to-date regarding the Kansas Legislature. Through this publication and periodic Legislative Alerts, city officials are asked to make legislative contacts on key issues.
  • Legislative Webinars. The League presents three webinars during the legislative session. A Legislative Preview during the beginning of session; Legislative Update during mid-session; and Legislative Wrap-Up at the conclusion of the session.
  • Legislative Summary. At the conclusion of each session, the League provides a complete wrap-up of the session and law changes of municipal interest. This is usually found in the July edition of the Kansas Government Journal



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