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2014 Legislative Testimony
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Government Policies & Procedures

SB 343: Lobby Reporting Requirements (House | Senate)
Require all cities (and others) to file an annual report of all lobbying activities done by city employees and elected officials and any dues or financial support paid by the city to associations that advocate on behalf of the city. The League opposes SB 343.


SB 387: Authorizing the Commercial Use of Lists Generated
The bill would allow a business to use an open records request to generate a list of addresses to be used to solicit the sale of products or services. The League opposes this bill.


SB 418: Regulation of Scrap Metal and Scrap Metal Dealers
This bill would establish a statewide data base to be operated by the KBI to record and track scrap metal sales with the intent for it to become an investigatory tool for all law enforcement agencies in the state. SB 418 also expands the definition of scrap metal and shortens the registration period from 10 years to one year. The League presented testimony in support of the bill.


HB 2075: Qualifications and Rehabilitation of Abandoned Properties
Expands current law regarding a city’s ability to deal with abandoned structures. The League supports HB 2075.


HB 2421: Fourth Amendment Preservation and Protection Act
Bill prevents cities and other local governments and the state from collecting data from a variety of sources, including email, cell phone content and non-public media, without a warrant. The bill is broadly written and would also prohibit general day-to-day access of internet third party data bases, such as Google, “white pages”, the League’s directory, etc. The League opposes this bill.


HB 2449: Governing Body Responsibility in Historic Preservation Hearings
Clarifies that Governing Bodies are to weigh the evidence and only approve a project involving an historic property if there is substantial evidence to find that the “proposed project is planned to minimize harm to such historic property...” The bill also would make it more difficult for individuals who are not directly affected by the project from being able to bring suit. LKM supports this bill.


HB 2494: Limitation on How Often a Parked Vehicle Can Be Ticketed
Prevents a city from ticketing an illegally parked vehicle more than once every four hours. LKM opposes this legislation.


HB 2556: Alcohol in Grocery Stores
Allows grocery and convenience stores to sell alcoholic liquor. The League provided written neutral testimony.


HB 2567: Expanding the Definition of Public Agency of KORA
The bill would require a non-profit group that performs business recruitment and other economic development activities to become subject to the Kansas Open Records Act. The League oppose this bill due to concerns it may hamper economic development.


HB 2591: Electronic Filing of Certain Audits with the State 
HB 2591 provides for a central location for the electronic filing of the A-133 audit report. Under current regulations the report may need to be filed with several different state agencies. HB 2591 requires that certain audits and supporting documents be filed with the department of administration as the only location. The department of administration would then provide the necessary reports to the various state agencies. The League supports this bill.


HB 2733: Annexation and Review Hearings
This bill creates uncertainty in the annexation process and essentially results in a rehearing of the annexation petition many years after the annexation is approved. The League opposes this bill.


Public Safety

HB 2187: Massage Therapist Licensure Act
Grants the State the ability to license massage therapists. LKM opposed the bill as written, but supported the balloon amendment proposed by the Kansas Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association.


HB 2431: Preemption of Municipalities’ Regulation of Knives
This bill amends K.S.A. 2013 Supp. 12-16,134 and would nullify all city ordinances related to the regulation of knives. Last session this statute was amended to preempt cities from regulating knives but did not find ordinances already passed as null and void. LKM opposes this legislation.


HB 2473: State Preemption of Weapon Regulation
The 22-page bill provides a long list of prohibitions that preempt a city’s ability to regulate firearms and knives. Cities would be prohibited from administering a firearms buyback program. Cities, as employers, could not require their employees to disclose if they possess a valid license to carry a concealed handgun. Cities could not regulate the open carry of guns in their community. Cities could not enforce any ordinances regulating the transportation, possession, carrying, sale, transfer, purchase, gift, devise licensing registration or use of a knife or knife-making components. LKM opposes this bill because it erodes local control on issues that has been controlled by cities for over 150 years.


Finance & Taxation

SB 72: Property Tax Exemptions for Health Clubs
Grants property tax exemptions to for profit health clubs. The League opposes SB 72 because it is a further erosion of the property tax base.


SB 298: Elimination of the Kansas Mortgage Registration Fee
Would repeal the current mortgage registration fee of 26 cents on each $100 of every mortgage filed in each county in Kansas. This bill has an indirect impact upon cities because if the county has to raise its mill levy to offset losses from the mortgage registration fees collected that increase will be felt by residents of the city. The League submitted written testimony in opposition.


SB 353: Machinery and Equipment Tax Exemptions
Addresses the valuation, classification and assessment of “complex industrial property” (the current M & E issue). The League testified as neutral with comments.


HB 2047: Process to Increase Property Tax Revenues
Places additional requirements on cities for the adoption of the annual budget. The League opposes HB 2047.


HB 2456: Machinery & Equipment Definition Changes for Cement Industry (House | Senate)
Bill legislatively defines certain types of equipment used in the production of cement as machinery and equipment rather than have them be appraised and classified by the county appraiser. As machinery and equipment they would be exempt from property taxes. The League testified in opposition.


HB 2607: Sales Tax Holiday
Establishes a statewide sales tax holiday that temporarily suspends the collection of all state and local sales tax levied upon specific goods specified in the bill. The League opposes this bill.


HB 2643: Machinery & Equipment Classification and Taxation
Changes the way commercial and industrial machinery and equipment are classified and taxed. The League opposes HB 2643.


HB 2730: Sales Tax Revenue Sharing
Addresses the additional sales and compensating use tax that Kansas would receive at such time as US Congress enacts the Market Place Fairness Act. The MPFA grants states the authority to compel online and catalog retailers to collect sales tax at the time of the sale and remit it to the state. HB 2730 sets up a revenue sharing process between the state and cities and counties. The League supports HB 2730.

Personnel & Public Employees

SB 363: Rural Opportunity Zones
Prohibits most government employees from taking advantage of the income tax exemptions and student loan forgiveness provisions of the Rural Opportunity Zone program. The League submitted written opposition to this bill.


SB 298: Workers’ Compensation
This bill allows police, fire, and correction employees to pursue workers’ compensation claims for heart attacks and strokes if they can show a relation to a specific work event. The League provided neutral written testimony.


HB 2519: KPERS Defined Contribution Plan
This bill enrolls new hires starting January 1, 2016, into a defined contribution plan. The League testified against this bill.



HB 2372: Fluoride
This bill requires cities that provide fluoridated water to inform its consumers that ingesting fluoride lowers children’s IQs. The League submitted written testimony opposing this bill.


HB 2439: Sustainable Drinking Water Fund
Creates the Sustainable Drinking Water Source Protection Fee Fund by imposing fees on municipal and industrial water users. Because the fee increase is substantial, and disproportionately burdens municipal water users, the League opposes the bill.


HB 2548: Fee Fund for Water Programs
This bill reallocates wastewater permit funds from the State General Fund to KDHE’s Water Programs. The League testified in support of the bill because it would guarantee the funds are used for their intended purpose.


HB 2597: Municipal Recycling Services (House | Senate)
This bill allows cities that provide solid waste collection services to bypass the extensive procedures outlined in K.S.A. 12-2036 if they meet several requirements. The League testified in support of this bill.


SB 293: Solid Waste Management
Except in limited circumstances, SB 293 prohibits cities and counties with populations over 5,000 from providing materials management services outside their incorporated limits. The League opposes this bill.



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