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2013 Legislative Testimony
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Government Policies & Procedures

SB 10: KORA and Requests
Limits charges for open records requests, prohibits the charging of any staff time for collecting such records, and gives the Secretary of State the authority to determine the format of all minutes. LKM opposes this bill because it requires a significant unfunded mandate and intrudes in local affairs.


SB 54: Qualifications-Based Selection
Mandates that cities follow the qualifications-based selection process when hiring architectural and engineering services. The League opposes this bill.


HB 2141: Prohibiting Public Funds for Lobbying
Prohibits cities and other local governments from using public funds to lobby. It would also prohibit cities from paying dues toward associations, like the League, that lobby. The League opposes this bill.


SB 150: Contract Specifications for Construction
Requires municipalities to accept bids that are “adequate and acceptable.” LKM opposes this bill because it precludes cities from using bid specifications that factor in long-term costs and compatibility with existing systems. This bill also uses several unclear phrases that could increase the likelihood of litigation against cities.


HB 2046: Golf Carts Speed Limit
This bill is intended to allow golf carts to be operated on a street or highway with a posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour or less. Current law restricts their operation to streets or highways with a posted speed limit of 30 miles per hour or less. LKM submitted testimony to help clarify for the committee the current law on operation of golf carts and other special purpose vehicles.


HB 2069: Employer Leave Policies
HB 2069 prohibits a city from enacting any type of local legislation or regulation that requires any employer, except a public employer, to set conditions of employment, to establish certain levels of compensation, provide for paid leave, pay at a rate in excess of minimum wage, or offer benefits not required by state or federal law. In addition, HB 2069 would invalidate any existing local legislation or regulation on the subject. The League opposes this bill.


HB 2072: Solid Waste Management
Prohibits cities from providing solid waste services outside their incorporated limits. LKM opposes this bill.


HB 2075: Qualifications and Rehabilitation of Abandoned Property
LKM support this bill, which expands the definition of blighted property to include residential property and allows the rehabilitation of such property.


HB 2089: Preservation of Historic Properties
LKM supports this legislation which removes the barrier to local control and creates a process to decrease the regulatory burdens of historic preservation.


HB 2162: Ballot Language
Gives State officials the power to draft local ballot explainer statements. LKM opposes this bill and has offered an amendment that would give city attorneys the power to draft the ballot language statement.


HB 2185: Consolidation
This bill relates to consolidation and establishes a “dual-majority” provision, which requires a separate vote for those living within a city and those that reside outside of the corporate limits of a city. Because of this provision, LKM opposes this legislation.


HB 2188: KORA and Not-For-Profits
Requires not-for-profit entities to publish documented receipt of public funds on such entity's web site and on web site of government entity providing funds in a downloadable and searchable format. LKM opposes this bill because of the great burden it places on local governments to meet these requirements.


HB 2206: Alcohol in Grocery Stores
Allows grocery and convenience stores to sell alcoholic liquor. LKM testified as a neutral party.


HB 2271 | SB 211: Partisan, Fall City Elections
Moves all local elections to the fall of even-numbered years. LKM opposes this legislation.


HB 2227: Non-Partisan, Fall of Odd-Number Years City Elections
Moves city elections to the fall of odd-numbered years. LKM opposes this legislation.


Public Safety

SB 16: Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (House | Senate)
Provides the use of law enforcement tools similar to the federal Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act and will allow communities to utilize these procedures to combat repeat offenders. LKM supports this legislation.


HB 2055 | SB 186: Concealed Carry in Public Buildings
Prohibits local control regulating the concealed carry of firearms on public property. LKM opposes this legislation.


HB 2128: KORA – Exceptions (House | Senate)
Protects certain information regarding cyber security from mandatory disclosure under the Kansas Open Records Act (KORA). LKM supports this legislation.


HB 2187: Massage Therapist Licensure Act
Grants the State the ability to license massage therapists. LKM opposes Section 12 of this bill, which preempts city regulation of such activity.


Finance & Taxation

SB 72: Property Tax Exemption for Health Clubs
LKM opposes this legislation as an erosion of the property tax base.


SB 130: Expanded Investment Authority
LKM supports this legislation concerning expanded investments by local governments.


SB 181: Personal Property Tax on Motor Vehicles
Reduces the motor vehicle property tax gradually over the next five years. LKM opposes this bill due to the reduction in local revenues.


HB 2047: Process to Increase Property Tax Revenues
This bill concerns property taxation, revenues produced by property tax levies, and establishes a new process to increase revenues and publication. LKM opposes this legislation as it is currently written.


HB 2096: Investment of Public Money (House | Senate)
The League support HB 2096, which amends current law to allow cities to participate in demand deposit accounts in multiple banks.


HB 2136: Sales and Compensating Use Tax
HB 2136 would amend current law to remove the current 4/10th of a cent of state sales tax from the State's transportation programs funding formula. LKM opposes this bill.


HB 2285: Machinery and Equipment – Definitions
Expands the definition of machinery and equipment under the property tax law and reclassifies certain fixtures as personal property in order to exempt it under the current machinery and equipment law. LKM opposes this legislation as written.


HB 2326: Concerning Certain Internet Protocol Enabled Services (House | Senate)
This bill would exempt VoIP or IP-enabled service from regulation, supervision or control by the State on any political subdivision. LKM opposes this legislation as written.


Personnel & Public Employees

Defined Contribution Plan
This bill overhauls KPERS and establishes a hybrid cash balance/defined contribution plan for new hires starting January 1, 2015. LKM opposes this bill.



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