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This Week's League News


Volume 22 - Number 20 - May 19, 2017
Published by the League of Kansas Municipalities

1 | Legislative Updates
2 | League Offering Fireworks Webinar on May 23
3 | Filing Deadline for Local Office is June 1
4 | Personnel Management MTI Set for June

1 | Legislative Updates

K-12 Education Bill:  The League testified in opposition to two elements of a K-12 education bill being considered by the Senate Select Committee on Education Funding. The first was Senate Bill 251’s inclusion of provisions of SB 146, which would prohibit cities from abating for industrial revenue bonds or economic development the 20 statewide mills for schools. SB 251 goes a step farther, prohibiting cities from abating for IRBs, EDX, and tax increment financing the 8 mills (which would be allowed to rise to 10 mills in the bill) schools levy for capital outlay funds.

The League joined Kansas Municipal Utilities and most investor-owned utilities is opposing the portion of the bill that would apply a monthly charge of $2.25 for residential customers and $10 for all other customers to electric, gas, and water bills. The funds would be directed to K-12 education funding. In addition to the challenges municipal utilities would have with reprogramming billing systems and tracking collection of these funds for the state, the $10 charge would also fall on local units of government. SB 251 does not make clear whether this would be a single, monthly charge for the city as a whole, or if each city building receiving a utility bill would have to pay the fee. We encourage you to visit with legislators and share your concerns with them when they are home this weekend.

Firearms Update: SB 108 would provide immunity to cities from the negligent action of employees not required to carry a weapon but who choose to carry a concealed weapon.  The Senate Ways and Means Committee members have agreed to amend the language of SB 108 into S. Sub for HB 2278.

KPERS/Working After Retirement: The Conference Committee on House Substitute for SB 21 has agreed to broad changes to the rules for working after retirement for KPERS retirees. In addition to changes in the earnings limits, waiting period and employer contributions for retirees, the bill also contains the independent contractors and third party entity fix advocated for by the League. The Conference Committee Report still needs to be approved by both bodies.  Watch for more detailed explanations of the bill in the coming months and the League will host a webinar on this topic this summer with Alan Conroy, Executive Director of KPERS.

2 |League Offering Fireworks Webinar on May 23

The regulation of fireworks by a city can be a difficult issue at times. This webinar will provide discussion about the statutes and regulations that control local authority. You will also be provided examples of local code provisions and sample forms. The State Fire Marshal has recently issued an interpretation of a statute related to the sale of fireworks as a fund raiser. There will be an analysis of the position taken by the Fire Marshal and suggestions on addressing this issue with the public. Webinar Registration is required ahead of time (limited to 100 participants).  Webinar cost is $25 for member cities, $35 for non-member cities. Register online at

3 |Filing Deadline for Local Office is June 1

In 2015, the Kansas Legislature approved changes to local elections which changed moved elections from the spring to the fall. The deadline for filing for local office in Kansas is June 1, 2017.  Candidates are also now required to register at their county election office (not the city). The League’s Candidate Guide is available online. 

4 |Personnel Management MTI set for June

The League’s June Municipal Training Institute will focus on a popular subject – personnel management. This course covers the basics of personnel management in today's changing municipal workplace. Topics include: hiring and firing, discrimination and harassment, and personnel policies and guidelines. This course has been submitted for CLE credit for attorneys and IIMC credit for those seeking their CMC or MMC certification. The June MTI is offered in two locations: Phillipsburg on June 14 and McPherson on June 15.  Register online for the training. Cost to attend this course is $75 for members, $100 for nonmembers. Lunch and materials provided.

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