League of Kansas Municipalities

Directory of Kansas Public Officials


Atchison Countypop. 16,513

423 N 5th
Atchison, KS 66002-1861

(913) 804-6030Fax: (913) 367-0227
Web: www.atchisoncountyks.org

Location NE Kansas
Commission Jeffrey Schuele
Eric Noll
Henry W. Pohl
Meetings Tuesday afternoon
Appraiser James Lampe
Attorney Gerald Kuckelman
(913) 804-6020
Clerk Pauline Lee
FIO Pauline Lee
Corrections Shelly Nelson
Counselor Patrick Henderson
Emergency Preparedness Wes Lanter
Extension Ray Ladd
Health Connie Zeit
Noxious Weeds Connie Ellerman
Register of Deeds Shelley Campbell
Sheriff John Laurie IV
Treasurer Sheila Bilderback
Number of Cities: 5
Atchison (County Seat), Effingham, Huron, Lancaster, Muscotah
Number of Townships: 8
Benton, Center, Grasshopper, Kapioma, Lancaster, Mount Pleasant, Shannon, Walnut
Cemetery Districts 14
County Unit Road System No
Drainage Districts 1
Fire Districts 6
Regional Library System NE
Rural Water Districts 6
Soil Conservation Districts 1
Unified School Districts 2
Watershed Districts 5

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